Sponsored: David Taylor Miracle Crusade Japan Committee & others  |  Committee Chairman: Rev. Okuyama Minoru  |  Secretariat: Faith and Victory International Church, Yokohama

Video introducing David Taylor's ministry

  •  Receive supernatural miracle for your body- Cancer healed, blind see, lame walk, deaf hear, AIDS,
     different kinds of ailment healed

  •  Mental problems healed

  •  Financial breakthrough

Apostle David E. Taylor is one of the greatest apostles of all time
and his love for Jesus is demonstrated in every aspect of his life.
His heart is genuine and sincere, as he spends countless hours
and days in consecration devoting his time to prayer,
fasting and seeking out scripture.

Jesus visited Apostle Taylor when he was just 17 years old
and has never been the same since He has dedicated his
life to bringing people into the knowledge of
having personal "Face to Face
Appearances" with Jesus.

Apostle Taylor's ministry shows his love for all God's
children as he brings all denominations and cultures
together in his crusades, revivals, and special
guest appearances.

He also walks in the miraculous as thousands of
people in his crusades and revivals have been healed
of cancer, arthritis and all manner of diseases and
sicknesses. There are countless testimonies of those who
have read his book "Face To Face with Jesus" having
personal appearances from Jesus.

Because of Apostle David E. Taylors love and walk with the Lord,
this has made him a target for those walking with the kingdom of darkness
to spread lies about this great man of God. They make it their life's work to discredit
Apostle Taylor by saying he isn't a true man of God, abandoned his wife and children,
sleeps with multiple women, and his prophecies have not come to pass. All of which
are not true and are malicious in their intent and are from their father "satan".
In fact, there's a website up from a pastor that is very hateful to Apostle Taylor
and he has said a lot of untrue things that are very hurtful to the body of Christ.

His prophecies are 100% accurate; he has prophesied of major drug busts and many, many more and many have become millionaires by his teachings. Please refer to his website for review of these countless testimonies: http://www.joshuamediaministries.org/

Apostle David Taylor got saved when he was 17 years old when Jesus appeared to him in a dream. Since then he has had Jesus appeared to him about 1,000 times. David Taylor prices his intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus, and encourages that everyone can have that intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus, and encourages that everyone can have that intimate relationship with the Lord. Several years after his conversation, the Lord took him to heaven to visit the Father God on one of His appearances to him. David Taylor ministers with the Lord Jesus, and the Father God working with him and confirming the Word with signs.